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Air Jordan 3 Sneakers

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Air Jordan 3 Sneakers up to 60% discount and free shipping now, #KOC25: The Most Important Sneaker Stars in NBA History (20-16)
Nobody’s lining up for a Converse Magic retro, and you can rest assure no one’s camping out for Larry Bird’s star stamped signature shoe. Still, Earvin from East Lansing and the “Hick from French Lick” carried Converse for an entire era on the strength of the Pro Leather and the Weapon.
Over the course of the ’80s, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird would battle for NBA championships and in turn split individual accolades while leading the two most famous franchises of their generation. Polar opposites in the personality department, their juxtaposition of Hollywood charm and country grit made for the decade’s greatest rivalry and a historic sneaker campaign. Their team color Converse sneakers appropriately tied more to team greatness than spotlight stardom, which ultimately was what the two competitors were all about anyway.
While the two talents would serve as the gatekeepers for Michael Jordan’s greatness, Air Jordan would eventually breakthrough the old guard in every way imaginable. MJ would usher in a new wave of athleticism to the game along with the concept of the star-driven signature shoe that would make most other models obsolete in the ’90s. Though their Chevron branded sneakers don’t translate so well to the name-noted, candy colored kicks that rule today’s game, they were the gold standard for quality in the ’80s. Larry and Magic took Converse from canvas to the leather, bridging the gap between Chuck Taylor and REACT Juice in the decade that saved basketball.
-Ian Stonebrook
Tune in tomorrow as we unveil #KOC25 players #15-#11. Click hereĀ for a recap of players 25-21 and voice your opinion on the list by using the hashtag #KOC25 on social media.

California-based streetwear label Crooks & Castles recently opened the doors of it’s sunny new Hawaii store. The interior is defined by minimalism and sleekness with many clean wooden features, custom toys and furniture. Check out the photos below, including some of the opening party. Make sure to hit it up if you’re ever in the Aloha State. Thanks to Hypebeast for the news.
Crooks & Castles
641 Keeaumoku St., Suite 1
Honolulu, HI 96814
United States

Air Jordan 3 Sneakers

Air Jordan 9 - Oregon State Beavers Team Exclusive (New Images)
Earlier this month we saw a teaser of the Air Jordan – Oregon State Beavers, and today we are getting some insight into the design, as new, detailed photos have surfaced. The Oregon State PE features a white leather upper that is contrasted with school-inspired black and orange accents, including the “O” logo embroidered on the heel. Finishing off the lok is a black midsole and outsole. They were exclusive to players, family and friends of the Oregon State basketball team, but you can attempt to win this size 11 from TheSoleProvider via eBay today.
via thesoleprovider.
- source http://news.nike.com/

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