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cheap jordan 11 shoes for sale, Air Jordan 2 Retro White Varsity Red

cheap jordan 11 shoes for sale, Air Jordan 2 Retro White Varsity Red

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cheap jordan 11 shoes for sale

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your right hand. Reach your left hand behind and through your legs to bounce the ball, and then do the same thing with your right hand. Repeat quickly. Tips on Ball PassingChest Pass The chest pass is the most efficient way to cheap jordan 11 shoes for sale throw the ball. Use it in order to get the ball to a teammate quickly when there is no defender in the way. You should step forward when you do this pass because you lose power by not stepping. However, passing without stepping is quicker. So air jordan 2 retro white varsity red just use your judgment to decide in each situation whether quickness or accuracy is more important. Bounce Pass If you are in trouble with the ball and need to slip a pass by the defender to a teammate who can score, the bounce kobe 8 for sale eastbay pass is the best option. It forces the defender to unnaturally tilt his torso in order to reach the ball as it is whizzing by, which makes it harder to intercept. It may look pretty cool to throw a bounce pass with fancy spinning, air jordan release rumors 2013 but that often brings a turnover instead of a good play. So unless you are Kobe Bryant or Chauncey Billups, try to resist the temptation and keep it simple. Overhead Pass The overhead pass is the best way to pass the ball when the air jordan 5 army for sale cheap defense is in your face. You should also use it to feed the inside players and to get off an outlet pass after a rebound. Just remember that the pass is meant to be caught at chin level or above, so the receiver won't have to decide air jordans 11 whether he should catch the ball with thumbs up or thumbs down. If the ball bears in on the receiver's waist, it basically handcuffs him. Chris Paul's Crazy Bounce Pass 4. Side Pass When there's a defender in front of you and nike zoom kobe 8 another one bustling toward you, it is very difficult to throw a two hand pass. What you need to do is getting around your defender and dumping the ball quickly with one hand. Decide whether you are throwing above or below your defender's jordan lab 5 shoes for sale arm, and fake the other way. When his arm goes down, pass the ball over it. When his arm goes up, slips a one hand bounce pass under it. 5. Behind The Back Pass Although the key to perfect passing is simplicity, there
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