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A green-revertible albino mutant-Qiufeng M was found from the japonica rice (Oryza sativa L. ssp. japonica) Qiufeng in the field. The first three leaves of the mutant were albino with some green. The leaf color became pale green since the fourth leaf and the glume had the same phenomenon as the first three leaves. The measuring data of the pigment content confirmed the visually observed results. It truly had a remarkable changing process in the leaf color in Qiufeng M. Comparison of the main agronomic characters between Qiufeng and Qiufeng M indicated that the neck length and grain weight showed significant difference at the 1% level, and other characters were not different. Genetic analysis showed that the green-revertible albino trait was controlled by a single recessive nucleic gene. Using 209 recessive mutant individuals in the F(2) population derived from the cross Pei'ai 64S x Qiufeng M, a gene, tentatively named gra((t)), was located between the SSR markers of RM475 and RM2-22 on the long arm of chromosome 2. The genetic distance were 17.3 cM and 2.9 cM respectively.  

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