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After the dosage form of tamsulosin hydrochloride was changed from a capsule to on orally disintegrating tablet (ODT, Harnal D), we often received patient complaints and noted an increase in noncompliance with medication regimens. The change in dosage form appeared to cause poor compliance by patients who had become accustomed to the light pink/white capsule over many years. Therefore, we carried out a questionnaire survey of patients taking the ODT form to determine the effects of changing the dosage form and the usefulness of the ODT. Most (92%) of respondents took the ODT with water. In addition, 16% missed taking the medicine after the change in dosage form. ODT is a dosage form that is easy to take for patient with dysphagia, or those on restricted water intake. However, it appears that elderly men and patients with visual disorders cannot distinguish the ODT from other medicines and this affects patient compliance. In conclusion, all pharmaceutical companies should consider the design of medications in terms of coloration, indications, or shape in anticipation of the aging society in future, so that patients can distinguish them. Furthermore, sufficient pharmaceutical care is needed to improve both compliance and safety management for the elderly.  

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