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OBJECTIVE: To compare Rapid Rhino and Merocel packs for nasal packing after septoplasty, in terms of patient tolerance (both with the pack in place and during removal) and post-operative complications.MATERIALS AND METHODS: Thirty patients (aged 18-40 years) scheduled for septoplasty were included. Following surgery, one nasal cavity was packed with Rapid Rhino and the other one with Merocel. Patients were asked to record pain levels on a visual analogue score, on both sides, with the packs in situ and during their removal the next day. After pack removal, bleeding was compared on both sides.RESULTS: The mean ± standard deviation pain score for the Rapid Rhino pack in situ (4.17 ± 1.78) was less than that for the Merocel pack (4.73 ± 2.05), but not significantly so (p = 0.314). The mean pain score for Rapid Rhino pack removal (4.13 ± 1.76) was significantly less that that for Merocel (6.90 ± 1.67; p = 0.001). Bleeding after pack removal was significantly less for the Rapid Rhino sides compared with the Merocel sides (p <0.05).CONCLUSION: Rapid Rhino nasal packs are less painful and cause less bleeding, compared with Merocel packs, with no side effects. Thus, their use for nasal packing after septal surgery is recommended.Comment inRapid Rhino versus Merocel nasal packs in septal surgery. [J Laryngol Otol. 2012]Rapid Rhino versus Merocel nasal packs in septal surgery.Stew B, Fishpool SJ, Moorhouse T, Williams H. J Laryngol Otol. 2012 Jun; 126(6):651; author reply 651. Epub 2012 Mar 26.  

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