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The Nursing Home Compare report card provides information on the World Wide Web about quality measures for almost every nursing home in the United States. In this research, we first examined whether consumers were using Nursing Home Compare. Second, we examined whether consumers could accurately interpret the quality information given in Nursing Home Compare. Data were collected from 4754 family members of nursing home residents. A comprehension index was used to examine whether the information contained in Nursing Home Compare for each quality measure was understood by family members. We found that 31% of these consumers used the Internet in choosing a nursing home, and 12% recalled using Nursing Home Compare. We also found that, in general, the comprehension index scores were high, indicating good understanding. Simply having the Nursing Home Compare report card available does not mean that it will be used, nor does it mean that it can influence consumers in any meaningful way. The findings show that consumers understand Nursing Home Compare information, and approximately 12% currently access the Web site.  

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