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The objective of this study was to determine the potential for blood cell concentrates (BCCs) from pigs as an ingredient in food. Sausages were made for this study according to a basic recipe for a type of blood sausage that is common in Germany. First, sausages were produced with rind and kettle broth only, and different amounts (2.5 to 31%) of standardized blood cell concentrate (s-BCC) were added (15% table salt [NaCl] and 25% protein content). Then, sausages were made with whole blood and compared with s-BCC sausages; both the BCC and blood had been pretreated either with NaCl or curing salt (nitrite). The impact of BCC and blood on the color (La*b*) of these rind sausages was determined. Finally, blood sausages were made with 12% s-BCC and either natural spices or spice extracts. These sausages were investigated microbiologically and compared to customary commercial blood sausage products (with whole blood) in terms of aerobic plate count (APC), Enterobacteriaceae, sulfite-reducing anaerobic bacteria, coagulase-positive staphylococci, and spore-forming bacilli. The desired color parameters (L, 34.5; a*, 17.8; and b*, 10.6) were obtained with the addition of about 12% s-BCC. Curing the blood or BCC beforehand had no significant (P > 0.05) influence on the color. The microbial counts of both the blood (APC, 4.4 log CFU/g) and the natural spices (APC, 6.6 log CFU/g) were relatively high. The spices were responsible for the relatively high microbial counts in the sausages, particularly the bacilli (6.4 log CFU/g). However, these counts were comparable to those found in commercial blood sausages. The bacteria introduced into the sausage by the blood had no significant impact on the bacterial counts of the end product. The bacterial loads of the sausages produced with 12% s-BCC and spice extracts were significantly lower (APC and bacilli, 2.0 log CFU/g) than those of the other blood sausages (APC, -4.4 log CFU/g; bacilli, 3.2 to 4.0 log CFU/g).  

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